Through war and peace, through boom and bust we'll be together,
Regardless of Colour, age and of creed,
Together is the world, together is the planet.

On the cold winters nights, and in the light lovers breeze
The fire in our hearts will warm us
No need for blankets, each other's all we need.

Again in the spring time, amid the new grown birds and bees,
Together in the garden,
The new virgin grasses, will be our honeymoon bed.

Beneath the warmth of summer sun, we'll reflect
On the life we've been given, by the single lonely arrow
Shot from Cupid's bow.

Scattered with the russet of crisp Autumnal leaves, the path of love we walk,
Hand in hand we travel,
Forwards to our destiny,

All around the planet, this world we've had the pleasure to have graced,
All of nature stops, and rises in togetherness
To bid the lovers good wishes, and a hearty farewell.

Chris McKenna

22/02/1997 c.20:00 - 21:00
composing an e-mail to pen-friend

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Copyright © Chris Mckenna 2003.

Published here 28/04/2003