Memories of Memories

Confined to solitude,
Barred from the world outside
No sounds of life
Save the echo
of my own pitiful voice.

Living from memories,
of People, Trees and Birds.
Dreaming of Colours
of Reds and Greens and Blues
of anything
Save the Dark and Dingy Grey.

Reliving my former life,
Through the fogs of distant time
Memories of Memories
are all my life has left.

The darkness of this cell
and the Beating of my Heat,
will be my World,
until my dying day.

No visitors at my funeral,
No Flowers on my grave.
Even in death,
Nobody will Forgive.

A single indiscretion
Took away my freedom,
but one transgression
and Isolation it was to be.

Not even the comfort,
of a fellow Human's Voice.
In Silence and Solitude
My life will surely end.

Chris McKenna

Friday 15/11/96 11:00-12:00
in school during break/free lesson
after social studies "Relaxation Session"

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Copyright (C) Chris Mckenna 1996.