Rainy Day

Sitting alone,
Just watching the rain.
People run past, Every now and again
Most going quickly to try and escape the rain,
Some have umbrellas,
Others use whatever they have to hand.

The air is quiet,
Just the gentle hum of a heater,
Disturbs the silence around.
On this wet and rainy day,
I just sit and use time to think,
To think of this and of that,

Of little things I think,
Remembering nice times and sunny days
Which I have enjoyed in the past,
Memories of my childhood,
Good memories and sad.
To remind me that summer's on the way.

The still damp air,
Inspires me not to activity,
But to sit, think and meditate,
About the past and the present
And what the future has to hold.
Of Summer sun and Winter snow.

Why I have written this,
I guess I'll never know,
But something said to record the moment,
To have something to remember of
A day so ordinary,
It will fade into the mists of time.

Now I have finished,
The inspiration has passed,
Nothing more remains to be said,
For the rain has not stopped,
And the silence still remains,
Goodbye to you, and goodbye to this day.

Chris McKenna

06/03/98 10:25-11:05
Sitting in 6th form common room

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Copyright (C) Chris McKenna 1998