The Girl Wth Stars On Her Wrists

The beautiful girl with stars on her wrists,
and streaks of colour in her hair
singing songs of love, with beauty in her voice

Songs so tender and kind, they fill the air with love
the crowds gather around with a tear in their eye
and gently hum the melody just so

With soft acompniment from the audience
and her fiancée with a single acoustic guitar
they make sweet music for all who will hear

Gazing into the eyes of the one they love,
the emotion bringing warm feelings of peace
and contentment, happiness reigns supreme

But sadly the song cannot go on for ever
for as all good things it must sometime end
so the chorus does fade to nothing

a moment of pure harmonic silence
then the inpromtu crows applaud with meaning
feeling still every single chord of emotion

the beautiful girl with stars on her wrist,
and streaks of colour in her hair
turns once more to her fiancée

a single look of pure love is exchanged
and they fall into a deep and wonderful embrace
and then do gently kiss...

Chris McKenna

16/07/02 21:30 - 21:43
Written on the Amy Studt Forum
Inspired by Krewcy Fiction,
A regular poster with tatoos
of stars on her wrists.

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Copyright (C) Chris Mckenna 2002.