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The photographs I have uploaded to are copyright by me (© Chris McKenna 2003-2006). In most cases larger, higher quality versions are available under other licenses, see below for more details.

Size and quality

All photos that I have uploaded to are a maximum of 1024x768 pixels, with the exception of some images formed by merging two or more photographs - in most cases the original photograph was larger. Almost all the photographs have also been reduced in quality to meet the 160kb maximum size. The quality is normally between 80-90% of the orgiinal, but occasionally is as low as 50%. Photographs with lots of trees, railings and/or track ballast usually have to be reduced in quality the most.
The following is a rough guide to the size of the original:

Photo takenCameraOriginal size
Before Christmas 2004Canon PowerShot A201024x768
Christmas 2004 to September 2005Panasonic DMC-FZ201280x960
Septmeber 2005 to present1600x1200

Other copies and other licenses

I also upload my photographs to Wikimedia Commons, where they are available in full quality and resolution in the Railways of Great Britain and Photos by Chris McKenna categories.
The photographs there are all individually licensed, but most are available under a Creative Commons "Attribution Share-Alike" license. As uploading there can only be done individually, not all my photos are yet available from this site (note that I normally use very differnt file names at the different sites).

If you would like a copy of the original of any photograph not available at Wikimedia Commons then please email me. If you wish to use this, or any other of my photographs, under a different license see my relicensing policy. In both cases please include the URL of the picture so I know exactly which one you would like.

Feedback on my pictures is always welcome by email.

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