SUSU Executive 2000-01
Welfare & Education - Nicola de St. Croix

Hi, My name is Nicola de St. Croix.

I appreciate how stressful University life it. Like many students, I combine 15 hours of lectures a week, a part-time job, sport and socialising!

What do you do when you've had enough? How did you sleep last night?

The Advice Centre is designed to help you! More than that, I want to be the one to help you.

My poilcies are:-

  1. To furthur develop the Internet Welfare pages, adding a confidential, interactive 'agony-aunt' page for those who wish to remain anonymous.
  2. To relaunch Nightline with advisors trained in counselling, timetable information, contact information within the University as well as general advice. I would actively seek counselling training.
  3. Being deaf, I'm keen to ensure the Union is accessible to those with injuries, disabilities and special needs and to promote greater awareness via Waterfront and advertising.
  4. Greater security on campus by continuing the pressure on Swansea Council for sufficient lighting in Singleton Park, and for CCTV cameras at enterances.
  5. Provide more help with accomodation and increase awareness of legal advice available.

I believe I am suitable for this job because I'm friendly, open-minded and approachable. I plan to operate an open door policy in the Union and I will make a difference!

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