SUSU Executive 2000-01
Women's Officer - Mari Elin Waddington

Having worked for a year as Women's Officer and having initiated many policies to improve the conditions and safety of female students at Swansea University I am now eager to have another year in which to see these policies through to fruition. I feel that now I have the experience to judge what is achievable and realistic within my remit.

With student support I have raised awareness of breast and testicular cancer, raising over £1500 this year for cancer research. I will continue to raise awareness of these issues that affect students such as Brest Cancer, Safety and Eating Disorders.

The Women's Officer is based in the Advice and Support Centre which plays a major role in providing support for all students, not only individuals but also with departments and the university as a whole. This free and confidential service which is operated by a series of surgeries, e.g. police, legal and emplyment bureau. I will continue to raise awareness of the full range of Union services available to support students. I feel it is very important to ensure the devlopment of an Advice and Support Centre at Hendrefoelan as well as a peripatetic welfare advisor at accomodation sites.

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