Index of Awkward's Time Team Forum Friends Pages

This is the old-style index, the redesigned one is ordered alphabetically, but only A-M has been completed so far, meaning all sets are available there. This index is not being actively maintained, photographs taken between May 2003 and May 2004 may or may not be indexed here. Photographs taken after May 2004 are not listed here. When the alphabetical index is complete, it will replace this page.

The official Time Team Forum may (or may not) be about to close its doors, so to keep it together, an unnoficial alternative forum has been set up by the fans for the fans. Not only is this not subject to the problems that have recently beset the Channel 4 servers, it is a roomier, better organised and more fully featured set-up. Even if you have never taken part before, you will be made very welcome.

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