Project MOOSE

Project MOOSE is my attempt to build a 3D engine and game during my time here at Swansea University. Every few days I plan to upload a new screen shot with an explaination of the advancements made so anyone out there interested can see how a 3D engine builds up from almost nothing to hopefully something quite good.

Test version

On the odd occasion I like to release a test version of the engine for anyone out there who is interested to try. Please note that these are often buggy and incomplete and as such I accept no responsibility for any damage to your computer or your goat's sudden death.

MOOSE beta (4/12/01) first release in ages. Please note that if you go through the walls you will enter the void from which returning can be quite hard. This demo has been known to crash my Win2K box a few times as well. If you want to find out the FPS open the OpenGL.txt file and look at the last line.


04/12/01 Another screenshot, this time the MOOSE logo has been added and I've started playing with a texture mapped sky although you can't see it too well here.
03/12/01 Lighting has been added and although I think there might be some bugs the lighting has certaining had a dramatic effect on the scene realism.
30/11/01 Texture mapping had been added and some issues with the quadtrees have been cleaned up. The landscape is starting to look more realistic now as you can see.
25/11/01 This screenshot was taken just before I fixed the gap bug to show my quadtrees in action. You can see I've choosen to evenly subdivide to a specified level as I feel that best suits the type of data I'm representing. The framerate is now about 140 FPS because I'm clipping the quadtree against the frustum therefore far fewer calculations are needed.
20/11/01 This is my first attempt to speed up my landscape. Here I'm performing frustum culling, that means I'm only drawing what you can see. Unfortunately you casn see that the clipping around the edge is rather obvious therefore a slightly better approach is needed.
16/11/01 This is my quick attempt to make things look prettier. I've created a simple colour table based on the height. The fogging has been changed to black to make the ladscape fade towards the back to reduce the popup effect.
13/11/01 Here we have height based colouring to simulate shading and white fogging this gives the landscape a soft definition with no real detail. The scene is very slow and seems to need some speed ups and a more realistic appearance.
05/08/00 Ooo don't you just love that lighting, erm yeah clearly something went wrong here. I think it's time to verify those vertex normals, etc.
04/08/00 This is the first ever picture of MOOSE. As you can see I've just got the basic wireframe view of a landscape here so I could check for rendering bugs and correct representation.