Friends Home Pages

Friend Description
Denis Walker (Dez) Errm.. Moo? Hmm, not bad
Robert Needham Footy Theme. I think Pooh Bear's in there somewhere
Graham Evans Amiga Biased. Some really depressing stuff, and some amusing. Recommend the 'insult maker' - it's worth a laugh!
Richard Forster A Site of Women if I ever saw one. Visit his list of favourite women
David Cox Hmm.. a bit Crappy. Slightly Psychadelic background - Makes you want to Barf!
Steve Hill (aka FireFury) No particular theme, just anything really. Have a look anyway
Richard Cobbley Umm, It consists of Damon Hill, and Star Trek
Matt "Manic" Hawkins Lemons!!! Umm. This is a site dedicated to Citrus LAND - Its obscure, but a brilliant source of knowledge and information if you are a Citrus Fanatic