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A Picture of Me

My name is Chris Fry. I am 21, and have just graduated with a 2:1 degree in Computer Science from the University of Wales, Swansea. For more information on the university or the course, click on the above link, or visit the Swansea University Computer Society of which I am a member.

I am currently interested in many forms of computing, but at the moment, my favourite interests are graphics and games. I also enjoy reading a lot - of many genres, including Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Science Fantasy.

I Play the Flute and Piano, both on which I have attained Grade 6. I havent played my flute for a while, but I still enjoy playing regularly on the piano. I have an interest in Classical Music, a grade 5 (or 6 - I honestly cant rememeber, I'll have to dig out the certificates) in Music Theory, and I enjoy composing, although I havent had time for *ages* to do so. My last attempt was to write a 16 part full score of Pachelbel's Canon for a weird mix instruments for a concert at Clyne Halls down in Swansea.

I have done the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and was working on my Gold Award before I left for university, but then I didnt have the time to continue - I hope to do so at some point though before it is too late - I've already done the hikes for it - over Snowdonia. If anyone is interested in participating in this scheme, I highly recommend it - its fantastic.

Among my other, lesser hobbies are also Cycling and Hiking, which I enjoy, but often don't have time to do.

At the moment, I am looking for jobs with various games companies. I have already applied to several but if you are a games company looking for a qualified and enthusiastic C/C++ programmer for Windows or Console programming, then please take a look at my Curriculum Vitae. I have some experience with DirectX programming, and I am used to working in a team. I have a DemoCD with examples of my work on it. If you are interested, please contact me, and I will be happy to send you a copy. (I dont have a CD writer, so it may be a few days while I badger a friend to write it :/)

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