My Turbo Basic Source Code

File Name Size Description
openbox.bas 26.4 Kb Open Dialog, which allows you to browse drives and directories. Has a file mask, so you can search for files using different wildcards etc... This routine returns a filename as a parameter, so all you have to do is call the procedure, and it will return the file that was selected. 62.5 Kb Space Invaders Shoot'em up game with Mouse control. Uses PC Speaker, or Sound Blaster Sound. Includes Auto-Track Lasers, Mines, and normal Fire. Enemies can fire many weapons, and can have homing fire. Easy to use control system (mouse moves, left fires, right mine, and both laser when you have it). Includes Secret Level, and Cheats. See if you can get them (PS: If you complete the game with full lives and 800,000 score you get told about the cheats). It even includes a very tacky story-line.
blood5.bas 4.5 Kb A Simple program which drips 'Blood' down the screen, illuminating Text in various ways as it goes!
lovesgfx.bas 13.1 Kb A Depressing little Love Tester Program. Works on a horiscope algorithm I once saw. A bit wierd, but can often give the answer people wish to see.
editfile.bas 28.9 Kb A Text Editor I've been working on. As of yet, it doesn't load programs from within, but works when file is specified on load. It's not bad for Turbo Basic (I think) 5.5 Kb For those that requested it, a zipped up version of the above
mystify.bas 34.0 Kb Windows Mystify Screen Saver Imitation. Not as good as some other peoples, but it was written quite a while a go. I did design a nice setup screen however, which uses Mouse and/or keys to select options. I also wrote an INI File writer so all options are stored in a nice INI file.
repgui7.bas 54.4 Kb System Lookup Tool like Microsoft Diagnostics (MSD.EXE) but not as good. Some things like How much Extended Mem left, and CPU Type don't work as of yet, but there are TONS of useful interrupts and routines to look at!
snow2.bas 3.7 Kb Nice Graphical SnowScape
strbrst3.bas 5.6 Kb Windows Stars Screen Saver, but a hell of a lot better, with way more options
wormscr5.bas 17.6 Kb Wormy Thing Screen Saver.

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