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This page lists all the items which SUCS would like to give to anyone who can find a use for them. Generally, these are items that nobody is prepared to pay money for (i.e. they didn't sell on Ebay) but we'd rather not throw them away just yet. This page is their last chance to find a good home, so if you see anything you want please act quickly!

Terms and conditions:

These items are available. Click on them for more details:

Date listed: Item: Quantity Available:
10:53pm, 28th May 2003 200Mb SCSI Hard Disk Drives6
11:47pm, 31st May 2003 Serial and PS2 Mice10
1:49pm, 22nd October 2003 386 PCs2
11:51am, 23rd October 2003 Dead Sparcstation 21
9:28pm, 8th June 2004 Apple Macintosh Centris 610 (with keyboard, monitor and mouse)2
9:58pm, 8th June 2004 Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60 (with keyboard, monitor and mouse)7
1:55pm, 8th August 2005 Sun Sparcstation 44
1:55pm, 8th August 2005 Sun Monitors3
1:56pm, 8th August 2005 Box of Random Sun Accessories1
1:59pm, 8th August 2005 Random old computer bits1
2:00pm, 8th August 2005 Intel Pentium boxes3

These items have already been taken.

Date listed: Item:
4:20pm, 28th May 2003 Sun/Hitachi HM-4119 19-inch Monitor
8:30pm, 28th May 2003 HP Scanjet IIp A4 Flatbed Scanner
8:45pm, 28th May 2003 HP Deskjet 400 Inket Printer
9:46pm, 28th May 2003 Big roll of thin coax cable
11:39pm, 7th July 2003 Two faulty NEC SilentWriter S60P laser printers

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