The Hugs 1.4 January1998 Distribution

The Standard distribution:

The main files in the Hugs 1.4 distribution are as follows:

The Windows distribution:

The following files are provided for people who want to run Hugs on a Windows PC. As ever, you must take the necessary precautions to protect your computer and any data on it when you install and use precompiled binaries of any kind.

Please note that the GUI version of Hugs cannot be used with the Graphics library or with Fran.

It is also possible to build Hugs from the standard distribution using Borland C++ or Microsoft Visual C++.

The Macintosh distribution:

Hans Aberg ( has ported Hugs to the Macintosh. This is a no-frills port providing the standard Hugs command line instead of a Macintosh-style GUI.