About StatusMap

This originally named project was developed at the Open Sauce Hackathon held in Cardiff in March 2012 by Matt Dove (@AlwaysTyred), Tom Lake (@tswsl1989) and Callum Massey (@kais58)

The site displays foursquare venues 4sq, tweets Tweets and facebook checkins FB based on the current map view or search parameters.

How to use

To get started, move the map and hit 'Search near here!' to update the displayed foursquare venues and fetch a list of nearby tweets. Tweets that have an explicit location marked will be shown on the map. Click the markers on the map to show more details, or click 'Show on map' to display a specific tweet.

The 'Centre on me' button, like the name suggests, will centre the map on the location currently reported by your browser. This will normally result in you being prompted to share your location with the website - click yes/allow to let the magic happen. Answering in the negative will leave the map where it is

You can change the base map layer and toggle the other results on or off by clicking the blue plus sign (+) on the right. We default to OpenStreetMap, but Google Maps are also available