Photo Album

Just a few photos of little ol' me.  Jeez, I've changed over the last two years. For the better? Make your own mind up ;)

Photo 1
Me on Swansea Beach with my sister. I'm the one in the turquoise jacket.  This was taken in Feb 1998.

Photo 2
Me with my sister again, this time in my room at uni. Nice poster, huh? ;)

Photo 3
Me waiting for the bus to arrive to whisk us off to the ball. As I recall, it took ages. This would be June 1998. And, yes, Aeri, I have glitter on my face. I still have that pot I believe 

Photo 4
Finally at the ball now. As you can see, I don't like the taste of beer or lager much so I'm on the JD and coke there.

Photo 5
Well, me talking to a friend with now fiance then just friend and unrequited (I thought) crush looking on. I think it's the dress but I do look extraordinarily busty here.

Photo 6
I do like this pic; I think it shows off my figure to its best advantage. Not to mention my petiteness ;) The hands are those of my fiance.

Photo 7
This is my favourite photo of me. I think I look almost pretty. Ok, the guy is Simon, ex no 6 for those who have the survey, and he is not known for smiling. However, this photo was taken by my now fiance, of whom Simon was insanely jealous.  Hmm, perhaps that's why I look like I do ;)

Photo 8
My most recent photo. Taken in February (I think) of 1999. Certainly, I'm wearing my fiance's Christmas gift to me of an amber heart set in silver. I think it must have been a heavy night, bc boy do I look out of it!! 

So what do I look like now? Well, pretty much like that except with longer hair. Shoulder length and sort of Forties film star look.

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