Pallandromic C Competition Winner

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This one won for best layout. Putchar must exist in the C library and not just as a macro. If it fails to compile, add the line: #include <stdio.h> at the top of the program. Line by line symmetry performed better than any C beautifier. Think of if it as a C ink blot. :-)




( )


rof ; for

(;(int) (tni);)


(int) (tni)

= reviled ; deliver =



for ((int)(tni)++,++reviled;reviled* *deliver;deliver++,++(int)(tni)) rof


(int) -1- (tni)


(tni) = (int)

- 0xDECAL + LACEDx0 -


rof ; for

(reviled--,(int)--(tni);(int) (tni);(int)--(tni),--deliver)

rahctup = putchar

(reviled* *deliver)


rahctup * putchar

((char) * (rahc))