Events @ SUCS

Sucs Lunch

When? Wednesdays at 16:00

What? Meeting of the Exec. Planing projects. All welcome.

Where? JC's

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Capture The Flag

When? tbc Febuary

What? A night of MAD Hacks. A number of hand selected virtual machines with *TOP SECRET DATA* will be the target. Will you be the first to break the hosts and steal the data? Come along to test your metal or just learn the ropes, all welcome

Where? The Sucs room

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Lightning Talks

When? tbc Febuary

What? 5 to 7 minute talks about Technology and Computer Science related subjects, including people from subjects that utilize these techniques

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Sucs Drinks

When? Every Friday evening at 7pm

What? A social evening. Begin you weekend, get to know everyone, and relax. work on projects.

Where? sucs room

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