Photo-biography: Ibeau Renoir

As a teenager on Metserel VII, November 110.
On enrolment into the Federal Navy Academy, Duripant, September 113. The feathers and top colour are a nod to a Minmatar tribal fad. Though the fashion was some way off the mark as far as authenticity is concerned, it did inspire Ibeau to find out more about the Minmatar and much later she went on sabbatical to the Republic.
On graduation from the Federal Navy Academy, Gallente Prime, July 117. The acidic glance off-camera is due to another graduate in the photo queue making an unsavoury remark. This version would have been thrown out, but it was the fashion at the time for the official portraits of navy officers to reflect the subject's "iron will", so she was persuaded to keep this one and use it as her NeoCom photo. She finds it a little bizarre that she has grown attached to it over the years.
In The Common Wealth's Pakhshi office, May 121, ten months after leaving the Navy in disgust at their corrupt bureaucracy. This was taken just before a mining expedition.
An androgynous Ibeau at a Hallowe'en party, Matar, October 122, during her sabbatical. A month later she was sacked from Eternity Inc. for failing to report for duty.
In the employ of Black Eagle Carebears, Kihtaled, January 123. She had started to get bored of capsuleer life by this point and soon retired to take a master's degree in anthropology at the Federal University.