Steve Whitehouse

I attended University of Wales, Swansea (or The University College of Swansea as it was known then) from October 1992 to June 1996 studying Electronic Engineering with Communications. I was the Secretary of the Computer Society from September 1993 until June 1996. By virtue of my previous office, I am now a life member of the society. Since this time I have attended Cambridge University (Trinity College) where I studied Error Resilient Image Compression in the Signal Processing Group of the Engineering Department from October 1996 to November 2000. I'm currently working for Red Hat.

I was also involved in the Electronic Engineering Amateur Radio Society (GW3UWS or should that be GC3UWS now?) which was based in the radio shack in the Faraday building. This was never an official Student Union society due to the small numbers of people involved which never met the minimum numbers for their rules. At one stage a lot of the development of the Linux AX.25 stack for packet radio was being developed at Swansea by the radio society but this died out and is now maintained by others. If you look through the Linux AX.25 code though you'll see some mention of GW7RRM (my callsign) and also GW4PTS (Alan Cox - the original author of the AX.25 code). The packet station is on its last legs the last I heard and maybe completely gone by now, but at one stage it was famous as a wormhole due to our experiments with IP tunnelling and the wormhole system. I was quite surprised to arrive in Cambridge and discover that the amateur radio society there (the University Wireless Society) knew all about our experiments!

Further experiments with Linux led to the writing of the DECnet stack which has been through many changes and rewrites but finally resulted in the code which is in the Linux kernel.

More recently I've been maintaining the GFS2 cluster filesystem and most of my Linux contributions these days relate to filesystems rather than networking.

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