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Sitsofe's Biography

August 5th 1999.

My name is Sitsofe Wheeler. At the time of writing (5th August 1999) I'm nineteen years old. I would like to be rich and (moderately) famous without the negative side effects.

I was born in Chichester and moved about a bit before settling in Yatton a few years later. I went on to attend both Yatton Infant and Yatton Junior school. I then went on to Bristol Grammar School for most of my teenage life and I'm currently studying Computer Science at Swansea University.

Between secondary school and Uni I then took a year out helping the teachers of BGS learn more about computers. Consequently, I can virtually touch type and a few people claim that I taught them something. A quick tip though: stay away from kids, they're only trouble.

My hobbies include: cloning classic console puzzle games for my Amiga, browsing the net, studying Tekken 3, playing any new console game, reading Edge and creating, nay, crafting web pages. Do I have any hobbies outside of computers? Uh well only if listening to the radio, watching TV, playing pool and going to the cinema count...

Although this may lose me friends I would like to admit that I actually enjoy using Microsoft Word. Winamp is a fantastically well put together piece of PC software. Internet Explorer 5 is the best web browser I've ever used. Paint Shop Pro is a nifty paint program. Photoshop is THE best PC image program. I hate Serif PagePlus. To Hewlett Packard: I've never seen Windows NT counteracting uncertainty, only compounding it. I like filling in questionnaires as long as they don't ask what my income is.

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