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Favourite Links

First created: 12-Jul-1999.
Last updated: 08-Jan-2001, 00:44.

This is not supposed to be a list of the best sites of their kind on the net. Rather a list of the sites which I find myself visiting the most. The very curious also take a carousel tour of my (many) bookmarks

Amiga Network News - A solid, reliable Amiga news site for the dedicated and the curious.

Animation Express - What are you going to do with that fast internet connection your university just upgraded? Watch cartoons of course. Shockwave and Quicktime ahoy! - Is your computer bored and underworked? Does it yearn for a greater challenge and the possibility of glory? If so, sign it up to the largest distributed computer in the world! Join up today!

Google - The best search engine on the web. Uses cunning maths to calculate page position by link popularity.

The Hunger Site - UN site where clicking a button donates food to third world countries.

Modem Speed Test Page - Settle who has the fastest connection speed once and for all.

Multimap UK - Scare people by zooming down to a street map of their neighbourhood from a map of the UK.

Need To Know - Weekly British satirist computing page, complete with TV guide, off-beat tech stories and ruthless coverage of other sites' mistakes. The editors are probably nefarious technology killjoys...

The Register - Biting the hand the feeds IT, The Register is a UK site reporting on technology events with nauseating immediacy and silly company names.

Sabrina Online - Eric Schwartz made an online comic and it turned out to be well drawn and pretty good. A bit risqué of late but still very funny. - The best online magazine (or e-zine if you will) that I have come across. I tend to hang around the Technology section myself, but the lead stories are good too.

Shockwave - Probably the zenith of shocked sites. WATCH! cartoons. PLAY! games. WAIT! ages for it all to download.

Shoutcast - The MP3 radio guide of the internet. Lists hundreds of stations playing all manner of music and programmes. Pick your station and start listening or search for your favourite artist or genre. The only catch is that a fast connection is necessary to prevent the music skipping or to listen to higher quality stations.

Slashdot - News for "people who program computers and often wear glasses". News is posted, comments are posted about the news, comments are moderated. Rinse and repeat.

Sluggy Freelance - Strange name but an outstanding comic. Often seen stealing ideas from comics as diverse as Snoopy and Ranma 1/2 yet managing to pull it off. From the megalomaniacal Bun-bun to the now crazed Santa, this is one comic that really knows what it's doing. Worship the comic indeed...

Spamcop - It's a sad fact of life that I have to visit this site as much as I do, but the spam keeps coming so I use this site to get their nasty little accounts shut down as quickly as possible and to report those open relays to reduce the likelihood of it happening. Fight the spammers, fight the spammers! You've got to fight the spammers that be!

User Friendly - Geeky, Linuxy, nerdy, techie comic strip about life at an ISP. Funny to those who know why NetBSD and Linux are related.

Web Design
A List Apart - Contains articles as diverse as why XHTML is not worth implementing to an article where the much maligned Shockwave Flash answers back to its critics.

Alertbox - Jakob Nielson dispenses web pearls of wisdom on a monthly basis. For starters, I recommend his Top ten mistakes of Web management, Top ten new mistakes and Writing for the web. Also see Jakob's own site -

Kaliber 10000 - Do you prefer cutting edge high bandwidth experiences to boring text only pages? Take the red pill and find out what the designers not afraid to take an alternative stance to Jakob Nielson are doing. Make sure you're packing a fast connection, the latest Internet Explorer and the full range of plugins first though.

Webmonkey - You don't know how to make a web page but want to learn? Well if this site doesn't teach you anything, at least you'll laugh trying.

Web Site Garage - Put those flabby GIFs on a diet and fine tune that HTML. Almost guaranteed to put go-faster stripes on your pages.

Websites That Suck - One of the best web design sites I've come across. Ruthlessly points out major sites' flaws and advises you not to make them yourself.

Yale Style Manual - The bible of web style. As definitive as sites come, this covers every web design topic and then some.

The Obligatory Websites of Friends
Now, there is an argument which says that you shouldn't link to sites of friends just for the sake of it (especially since Google). But what are friends for eh?

Kim Randell's Site - Intriguing frontpage, but dodgy sub page design. Interesting content though.

YS3 - Retro speccy site edited by Jon Hyde and Nathan Forsyth. Recently got a top level domain but mysteriously continues to not contain a link back to slant...

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