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November 20th 1999.

I always reckon it's handy to have a backup site in case one goes belly up (so to speak).

slant at SUCS -
This is (currently) the main site. SUCS stands for Swansea University Computer Society. This one tends to be faster than Geocities, but the address is more difficult to give over the phone. There is also a chance it will disappear when I finish Uni so it's less likely to be listed in the search engines.

slant at Geocities -
Geocities is a well known provider of free web space. The address is easy to remember (if you can spell my name) but adverts pop up and it occasionally suffers reliability problems.

Both sites are updated at the same time, so they contain the same information. It's personal preference as to which one you visit (why not try both!).

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