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Fresher's First Week: Day 1

September 21st 1999.

The day had finally come for me to leave cosy little Yatton to head off to Swansea university. After last minute packing of the essentials (TV, Hi-fi, Computer) I was ready to go. The omens weren't good though - the sky was overcast and it was raining hard.

Things didn't get any better because I headed towards the M5 I could see a tailback of cars due to roadworks. Unsure as to which direction the roadworks were in, the car was turned around and an alternative route to the M4 through Bristol sought.

Bizarrely enough, the first thing I noticed about Wales were its motorway slip-roads. You could quite happily be travelling on the inside lane only to have it metamorphasise into a slip-road at a moments notice. A momentary lapse of concentration could see you turning off into the valleys.

Upon arrival, I was promptly turned away because of lack of space in the car park. This left me in the awkward position of being unable to leave the car because there was so much stuff in it, but being too far away to unload it.

I was finally let in half an hour later and had the chance to look around. Thankfully, it wasn't as small as I remembered in the open day and even came complete with a telephone (high technology eh?). However the table was a bit high and the pillow and duvet were wafter thin.

Dragging the TV to the fourth floor proved to be the hardest part of unpacking - but I now look back and consider myself to be fortunate to be on the fourth floor. The halls of residence tower a mammoth nine storeys into the air so if the lifts are out of order, some unfortunate souls have a long way to climb...

After unloading, my family decided it would be a good idea to go to a pub for a final meal. Against my better judgement I agreed and spent the next hour driving around looking for somewhere to park, let alone eat.

Upon arriving back at the halls and saying my goodbyes, I was horrified to see a poster informing floor four to be in Diva's (campus club) at 7.40pm because by now it was 7.50pm. I rushed to Diva's only to find the place packed so tight there was no room move. Skulking back to my room thoroughly confused, I was determined to be more organized the next day.

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