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Swansea Uni Summer Ball 2000

Photo of my room (80Kb) 417 Neuadd Mary Williams - the room that I stayed in during my first year at University (size: 80Kb).
Photo of bumper cars (88Kb) "Careful driver" Tom creates a tailback of bumper cars (size 88Kb).
Photo of two people (72Kb) Dan and Jo in the karaoke tent (size 72Kb).
Jo snap's me during my infamous "I'm drunk" impression. (size 72Kb) Photo of myself (72Kb)
Lucia and Matt just before the fireworks display (size 72Kb). Photo of two people (72Kb)
Photo of two people (60Kb) Jo and Katie on the runway. The white stripe in the photo is part of the runway (the ball took place at an airfield) (size Kb).
A crowd of people in front of the firworks display. Unfortunately you can't really see the fireworks... (size 48Kb) Photo of a crowd of people (48Kb)
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