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SUCS Beach Party 2000

Photo of Rob S. (76Kb) Rob S. with a can of beer (size: 76Kb).
Photo of shoe by fire (80Kb) There is nothing like a shoe roasting beside an open fire (size 80Kb).
Photo of Justin (64Kb) Justin - the SUCS uberspod (size 64Kb).
The winners of this year's spod awards. From right to left: Sara, Richard, Jo, Justin and Chris (size 76Kb). Photo of the prize winning spods (76Kb).
Photo of ex-president being thrown in the sea (72Kb) Steve, the outgoing SUCS president is thrown in the sea to thank him for his services to the society (size 72Kb).
Chris M. (56Kb) (Other) Chris (SUCS secretary 2000), basking in the glow of the camera's flash (size 56Kb).
From left Philip (ex-SUCS member), Steve W. (admin) and Matt H. (mad admin) (size 56Kb) Photo of Philip, Steve W. and Matt H. (56Kb)
Dan (who was voted into the position of "Dan") being strangled by Rob (size 64Kb). Rob strangling Dan (64Kb)
Half of Dom (36Kb) Dom strikes a pose and makes his lower torso vanish (size 36Kb).
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