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Well, here's the lowdown on me. I am 22 years old, I'm a DJ, Musiscian, net junkie, writer and student. I live in Manchester, England and Swansea, Wales depending on the time of year, the cycle of the moon and what colour socks I have on.

Geoff and Mum piccy Ok, so it's a slightly old photo...my hair grew very long (as you can see in the gallery) and then it all got shaved off. Right now it's somewhere in the middle.
Well...atm I'm at the University of Wales, Swansea, in my 2nd year of a Psychology degree. I guess amongst other things I have been writing a fair bit of music and writing a book over the last year, not mentioning DJ'ing a heck of a lot.

I like chaos, or at least badly jumbled order...I love clouds, fire, water, wind, wandering round in the sunshine, in the snow, rain, fog (I love fog!). I guess I am a very naturey person...silly tiny things amaze me, like how a plant grows...how it has evolved over millions of years to form something as complex as it is...yet its only a jumble or atoms and molecules really...yet something or somehow it has evolved into a plant! That makes me smile...and think of the insignificance of personal disputes. The vastness of the universe, yet here I am existing, everything!

Life - Well...I wanna be a musician or at least something in the music industry, and if I work in the music industry I will prolly have time to develop as a musician. =) In which case I am back to being a musician! Failing music...I dunno what I will do! Prolly go into computer GFX or something else wierd...like being a "media" person. Nah, I'm likely to go off and be a pop star and make millions.