Well...weird is what you make it...so this is gonna be weird. I hate spelling weird like this...I prefer wierd...cause its easier to type. Ho hum...well...I guess this is gonna be my personal philosophy page...if anybody has any answers to any questions I wonder about then please tell me!

Women first...
Women are sooo confusing to us poor guys, I mean, 90% of the time we haven't a clue what you are thinking, so we assume you are thinking one thing, which is usually the wrong thing, but because we think it's the right thing, we react to it. Then we are in trouble because we have done the wrong thing, yet really we were only trying to do what we thought you wanted, which is usually the opposite to what we did.

I mean, there you are, giving off all your body language, dropping signals, that other girls can read as if you had a great neon sign above your head, but to guys, nope. We don't speak the same language, we haven't a clue what you are trying to say to us. But, we have our own language, and when the two have similar signals but totally different meanings, that's when we get in trouble.

The thing is, guys have a pretty simple set of body language. Nothing flashy, nothing complex, in fact, it's pretty damn primitive. So when we see girls doing something similar to our stuff, we assume it means the same thing, but of course female body language is far more complicated than ours, so we think, "Aha, hair preening, good sign, she likes me", which might be true, but it could also mean on her part, "Grrrr, my hair is messy, I don't like my hair messy, I'll straighten it out" but of course, primitive guy here thinks, "Hey, she's doing it for my benefit" when of course it's just as likely to be for her benefit. Then of course there is the complete opposite, when a poor girl spends all evening dropping signs she likes you, and we are completely oblivious to them. How are we to know? Ok sure, we know the obvious ones like eyeballing us and grinning stupidly at us, putting your arms round us and kissing our necks, yeah sure, we get those. But they are absolute battering us over the head moves. But anything subtler we haven't a clue on. Usually we react the same to a girl who is flirting madly and a girl who isn't, but look at it from our point of view. We've had a few beers, our judgement isn't at it's best and there is a girl you fancy like mad chatting to you. Now we are really bad at getting the bit where the girl is 'just being cool and friendly' and 'she's mad about you and wants to snog your face off'. To us, the difference is oh so subtle, and not wanting to miss out on a snog, we naturally go for the later, which is usually the wrong one. There lies the eternal problem. Females have a completely different language us males don't understand, and like any language, unless you can speak it, you haven't a clue what somebody is saying, but you might recognise the occasional word, which in this language might have several meanings depending on what you have said before, leading to huge misinterpretation. Sigh. Come on girls, we need educating! (Either that or take the easy route and bring along a translator). =)