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14:57 seanhandleyIs there an after_provision hook in foreman ?
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14:59 seanhandleyWe're trying to get foreman to tell nagios to shut up automatically with hooks during machine rebuilds. So far it goes into scheduled downtime mode in nagios when the machine is put into build in foreman. The issue is telling nagios to pay attention again. If we do it on the before_provision hook then some services which nagios monitors won't be up as puppet won't have configured them. Any suggestions?
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15:07 valeri_ufoohadlevy: you there? :)
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15:12 gwmngilfenvaleri_ufo: it should be part of our puppet-foreman module, iirc
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15:15 eLobato|lunchseanhandley: unfortunately not, it can be easily added though
15:15 eLobato|lunchseanhandley: there is after_build if that helps you
15:15 gwmngilfenseanhandley: also you could run puppet --tags nagios in the %post before rebooting
15:15 seanhandleyeLobato|lunch: I'm using after_build already - that's the hook that tells nagios to ignore the host for a while
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15:15 gwmngilfenor whatever you need to get things set back up
15:16 valeri_ufogwmngilfen: and puppet-foreman should be installed, since i used the foreman installer to bootstrap foreman, right?
15:16 seanhandleyI think an after_provision hook would be ideal really
15:16 gwmngilfenvaleri_ufo: right, but the default install of the installer package isn;t in your puppet module path
15:16 YamakasYis it possible to call a specific manifext at the end of a build, in the finish script ?
15:16 YamakasYI need to run this one as first ever
15:16 gwmngilfenvaleri_ufo: unless you moved it
15:17 YamakasYso after the build would be best I think
15:17 valeri_ufogwmngilfen: find says: /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/foreman/lib/puppet/parser/functions/foreman.rb
15:17 seanhandleyeLobato: gwmngilfen: If I'm understanding this correctly...
15:17 seanhandleyhttps://github.com/theforeman/foreman/blob/develop/app/models/host/managed.rb#L27
15:18 valeri_ufogwmngilfen: is this the right one or is this just for the installer itself and i need a different parser?
15:18 seanhandleyI can remove the :only => :before directive there
15:18 eLobatoYamakasY: copy the manifest to the host and run 'puppet apply xxx.pp' on your finish script?
15:18 gwmngilfenvaleri_ufo: thats the one I think, you can probably just copy the module into your modulepath
15:19 valeri_ufogwmngilfen: but shouldn't it work out of the box, i thought i could use the foreman function since i provisioned all hosts by foreman and use foreman as enc etc
15:20 gwmngilfenvaleri_ufo: for puppet to use a function, it must be somewhere in your modulepath, and by default  /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules is not in puppet.conf
15:20 eLobatoseanhandley: how are you provisioning your machine and at which point you want nagios to come back up?
15:20 seanhandleywith puppet
15:21 seanhandleywe're sending an API call to nagios that schedules a downtime period for the host
15:21 YamakasYeLobato: mhh that might be an idea
15:21 valeri_ufogwmngilfen: i understand, i thouht foreman exported those functions or modified the path
15:21 seanhandleyeLobato: so once foreman registers that puppet has provisioned the host then it's safe to run the hook and tell nagios to start paying attention again
15:22 seanhandleyso really, if I'm reading the code correctly, it's a case of allowing an :after magic method on the :provision call
15:22 YamakasYeLobato: need to check as the finisch script also runs puppet once I thought
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15:22 gwmngilfenseanhandley: so you want to wait until the first report is in after the reboot? what if it has errors in it?
15:22 seanhandleygwmngilfen: Then so be it - as far as Foreman's concerned the host has been rebuilt and provisioned
15:23 seanhandleyif there are problems then having nagios send alerts isn't a problem
15:23 gwmngilfenok, rephrase - you want at least one puppet run? or are you wanting nagios back online *at* the reboot point (before it has come back up into the OS
15:23 seanhandleywe're doing this because during rebuild of a machine we get a lot of meaningless alerts (the machine's being rebuilt, of course the MySQL service isn't responding) etc
15:23 eLobatoseanhandley: you're doing this through a plugin? I don't quite follow. you can query Foreman or PuppetDB in your Puppet manifests to check for whatever you're looking for in the report
15:23 seanhandleyok
15:24 seanhandleywe're using the foreman_hooks plugin
15:24 seanhandleyit's running a custom script
15:24 seanhandleythat script makes an API call to nagios
15:24 seanhandleyand says "Hey, ignore this host for a while"
15:24 seanhandleythat part works *perfectly*
15:24 seanhandleyand it uses the after_build hook
15:24 straldi1eLobato thanks for answering, but the simple things should have in foreman a combobox like the virt-manager one. I use a kickstart pxe, and aI do not understand how the foreman_bootdisk could help me.
15:24 seanhandleywhich is triggered after a host is put into build mode
15:25 seanhandleyI have another script currently in the before_provision dir in the hooks
15:25 seanhandleyand that runs and says "Nagios, pay attention to this host again"
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15:25 gwmngilfenseanhandley: i ask because once you go past that reboot point, foreman has little further interaction with the host. i *think* there is a before_provision hook, which confusingly fires at the end of the build provess
15:25 gwmngilfen(just as confusing as after_build being before the build actually happens :P)
15:25 seanhandleythe problem is that before_provision is too soon - we need provision to finish execution so that the services nagios monitors have a chance to start again
15:26 straldi1foreman has I said have set before network and after disk, but the kvm master has different setting so I have to change it form the kvm master in this way.
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15:26 seanhandleyyeah the naming is weird gwmngilfen :-)
15:26 eLobatostraldi1: agreed, we do have that combobox for physical hosts in fact, foreman_bootdisk could help you to create a disk so that when your hosts boot from disk by mistake, they still are able to connect to foreman
15:26 gwmngilfenseanhandley: so the issue is that I thing before_provision is the last place formen_hooks can fire
15:26 seanhandleyso what you're saying is that before_provision is fired *after* puppet has finished ?
15:26 gwmngilfen*think
15:26 gwmngilfenit's fired when the final call to /unattended/built is received, I think
15:26 gwmngilfeni'd have to check
15:27 straldi1ok I will try to use foreman_bootdisk
15:28 seanhandleygwmngilfen: that'd be good
15:28 gwmngilfenseanhandley: so if thats true, and you (a) safely run puppet in your %post / finish and (b) alter your script to sleep for 30s or so while the host reboots, you'd probably be ok
15:28 gwmngilfen*can safely
15:28 seanhandleythe rebooting isn't a problem
15:29 seanhandleywe put the host into build mode in foreman
15:29 seanhandleyat that point it's in ignore mode on nagios because the after_build hook fires
15:29 seanhandley(after_build = after build mode *starts*)
15:30 seanhandleyin Rails you can react to methods with before_ and after_ magic hooks
15:30 bettyclampCan't provision an ec2 instance: production.log just says it's rolling back and that something "failed to save". Paste is at http://pastebin.com/z2q0P2b9. Can't really figure out what's wrong. Any help would be appreciated!
15:30 seanhandleyand there's a method in managed host called :provision
15:30 seanhandleyso if you can hook onto before_
15:30 seanhandleythen you can in theory hook onto after_
15:30 gwmngilfenseanhandley: sure, but if the script to re-enable happens at the point of reboot, then there's 30s or so (or 5minutes for some stupid hardware I've seen) then you could potentially get alerts while it's still coming back up
15:30 seanhandleyunless there's more foreman code that makes that impossible
15:30 gwmngilfenhere, i mean the reboot at the end of the install
15:31 gwmngilfenobviously not the reboot into the installer
15:31 seanhandleyoh
15:31 seanhandleyI didn't know there was a reboot at the end
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15:31 gwmngilfenwell you have to get out of anaconda/debian-installer somehow :)
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15:32 seanhandleywell, just from a rails perspective - we're reacting to method that get called on models
15:33 seanhandleythe managed host model has a method in it called :provision
15:33 seanhandleyso whenever that returns, it can be set to fire an after_ hook
15:33 gwmngilfenyeah, here we go, so after_build is run when the host state changes from build = false to build = true, and before_provision is the opposite, it'll fire when the build is complete
15:33 gwmngilfenapp/models/host/managed.rb:39
15:33 seanhandleyincluding provisioning?
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15:34 gwmngilfenso, the last line of your kickstart/finish template will be something like wget http://foreman/unattended/built
15:34 gwmngilfenthats when it'll fire
15:34 gwmngilfenI think
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15:35 gwmngilfenbecause it's usually the last line, it;s also the point the host then reboots to get into it's freshly provisioned OS
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15:36 discr33they guys, i'm having trouble creating a search in foreman. What i want to do is isolate the serial number fact and than search for the value. whenever i try the search (name = serial number and value = $serialnumber_value i get this error http://pastebin.com/JzA8wEuc
15:36 gwmngilfenseanhandley: so if your script can do something like backgrounding and pinging until the host comes up, then it should be ok
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15:37 seanhandleygwmngilfen: It shouldn't need to do that
15:38 gwmngilfenwell, at the point the script fires, the host will be rebooting - how you handle that is up to you, really
15:38 gwmngilfen*before_provision script
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15:39 gwmngilfendiscr33t: i can't replicate that (on psql anyway) - something like name = boardserialnumber and value ~ PY works for me on the facts page
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15:43 seanhandleygwmngilfen: Box is building - I'll let you know what happens
15:43 seanhandleythanks for the help :)
15:43 gwmngilfencool :)
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15:46 bilco105hey seanhandley ;)
15:46 seanhandleybilco105: !
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16:00 pierigHow can I use the foreman ec2 ssh key? It seems it's asking me for a passphrase
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16:03 discr33tgwmngilfen: interesting, i wonder if it's a mysql thing. what does boardserialnumber pull compared to serial number?
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16:06 gwmngilfendiscr33t: i have boardserialnumber = ".8PY2DT1.CN4864325N0123." for a random host
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16:13 discr33tgwmngilfen: os x auto-correct got the best of me once again :(
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16:14 gwmngilfenaha :)
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16:22 pieriganyone know if the passphrase that is set on my ec2 ssh key is normal?
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16:23 pierigecho 'select secret from key_pairs where compute_resource_id = 6;' |  psql -d foreman  -t > ssh_key
16:23 pierigthat's how I pull it from DB
16:24 pierigmy issue is somewhat similar to this https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/foreman-users/j2p4EKXog4k  but I've had SCL enabled for a long time now
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16:28 itguruI just tried installing Foreman on a brand new Amazon Linux image, and image my confusion, when it bailed out with Ruby errors. Now, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first to hit this, and I'm wondering if any of the nice folk in here have already figured a way around this?
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16:32 lamarif I have the password of a host set directly, can I overwrite it with the password from the hostgroup?
16:32 pieriglast time I tried install on amazon linux was too painful
16:32 pierigI gave up and used a centos6.5 ami
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16:43 itgurupierig: I'm not far away from the same conclusion
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16:54 gwmngilfenitguru: it's pretty much impossible to help fix errors without being shown what the errors are. That said, Amazon Linux is not an officially supported distro for the installer, although we're happy to take patches in general
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17:04 seanhandleygwmngilfen: So, the before_provision fires before the reboot
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17:05 seanhandleyand having the script wait for the host to come back up is no good because once it's up puppet starts running
17:05 seanhandleyand we need puppet to have finished running
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17:06 gwmngilfenthen you're into plugin territory - foreman_hooks involvement ceases once we get to that reboot
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17:07 gwmngilfeni have a plugin which takes action upon receiving an agent's ENC request (in my case, it's for enfocing a default hostgroup when hosts don't have one set)
17:07 gwmngilfenyou could hack on that to trigger something
17:07 gwmngilfenor just script the api calls to to the hosts reports until you have >0 reports
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17:08 seanhandleytbh if foreman gets a report for a host then we can trigger the API call to tell nagios to pay attention
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17:08 seanhandleyit doesn't matter if that call happens more than once
17:08 seanhandleycan you use foreman hooks to react to report creation?
17:08 gwmngilfeneven so, thats defintely not a hook that foreman_hooks currently has, so you're looking at some form of extension
17:09 gwmngilfenno, it doesn't i don't think
17:09 seanhandleyhmm
17:09 seanhandleyI've shaved enough yaks this week already
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17:12 gwmngilfenif you need something *now* then my suggestion would be to laucnh something from the before_provision hook which backgrounds, loops over checking the reports API, and then updates nagios when either (a) a report comes in) or (b) a timeout is hit
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17:13 gwmngilfenif you can wait, i'd suggest a feature request (or better, a patch :P) to enable what you need
17:13 gwmngilfenthe author of foreman_hooks is away all week, just fyi
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17:20 seanhandleythanks gwmngilfen
17:20 seanhandleyYou've been massively helpful :)
17:20 seanhandleyI'll mull over the options with the dev team
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17:21 acidrainfallHey guys
17:21 acidrainfallQuestion
17:22 acidrainfallI have two sets of modules - one is in /environments/(environment)/modules, the other is in /modules off of confdir
17:22 acidrainfallForeman sees the environment-specific modules and their classes, but not /modules
17:23 acidrainfall(because it imports them as "master" environment?)
17:24 gwmngilfenwhats in your puppet.conf? pastebin it
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