Rules (draft 1)

  1. Complete tasks to earn points.
  2. Tasks are complete when you submit evidence on discord.
  3. Points are only awarded up to midnight.
  4. At no point can you leave Wales.
  5. You must make it back to Swansea by midnight


Picture with your mascot

[5 Points] A Reservoir

[5 Points] Hereford (You must get a picture of a sign with the name)

[5 points] A bridge

[5 points] A Castle (Ruins count but just a tower doesn’t)

Get these items

[3 Points] A garden gnome (Bonus 3 points if you convince the cashier to pose for a picture with it)

[3 Points] A post card with a beach on it.

[3 Points] A toy dragon.

Additional items

[1 Point] For each litre of alcohol consumed (Cans / Bottles as evidence, no drink driving)