Firstly some Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F8 - Step function/line
  • F9 - Run/Compile
  • F10 - Show/focus the main top panel (Objects Panel)
  • F11 - Show/focus Object Inspector
  • F12 - Switch between form and corresponding unit and vice-versa
  • Ctrl+J - list preset templates (such as begin...end)
  • Ctrl+Space - Show Code Insight at cursor (in case it doesnt show up automatically for example)
  • Ctrl+Shift+C - Complete code at cursor (when you write a function header, you can have it automatically make the actual function ready to be implementer.) NB: this doesnt seem to be available in the free edition, but certainly was in Delphi 5 Pro.
  • Ctrl+Alt+W - Show watch list (for debugging), which can be docked by dragging it over a window.
  • Ctrl+A (in watch window) - Add expression at cursor (to the watch list).
  • Ctrl+F2 - Reset App; use it if the program seems to hang. You shouldnt need to otherwise.
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