SUCS Services

The Swansea University Computer Society provides the following main services to its members.

Electronic Mail
Fed up of being a number? Each society member gets an email address of the form You can access this via the web or from mail clients supporting pop3 or imap (that's most of them).

Learn more about society e-mail

Additional Disk Space
Society members have access to additional disk space, either from the society machines or by WebDAV as a network folder on the LIS Windows machines, or your home system.

Learn more about accessing disk space

Reference Library
The computer society has its own small library of fifty bought and donatedbooks available to members of the society.

Learn more about the books available

Computer Room
The society has its own small room underneath the union building which has Linux desktop systems available to members twenty four hours a day, as well as connection points for personal laptops. Use of the room is governed by the room rules. In particular please note that laptops must be registered with the society to be used so that anyone misusing the system can be identified and disciplined. University computing regulations also apply at all times.

Learn more about the room usage rules

Personal Webspace
If you create and place files in a public_html folder they will be visible on the web at The index or default web page is called "index.html". For the more adventurous web designers, PHP scripting and PostgreSQL databases are available.

Program Advisory
Assistance with computing related problems provided by members to members. If you need help or can provide help see the advisory page.

Web Proxy
The society operates a caching web proxy for the machines in the room and any laptops using the laptop ports. Use of the proxy is compulsory and web access is not available by other means.

The proxy is

Desktop On Demand
Access a computer society Linux desktop anywhere that has a web browser supporting java.

Learn more about Desktop on Demand

Mailing lists
SUCS provides student societies with mailing lists which they can use to make announcements or chat.

Learn about subscribing to and using mailing lists and administering them

SUCS has its own homebrewed chat system called Milliways.

Learn more about Milliways

Jabber server
Fed up with MSN spam? Switch to Jabber instead.

Learn more about Jabber

SUCS would like to thank Steve Whitehouse, Rhys Jones, Denis Walker and Alan Cox for their contribution to these Help pages.

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