The vote for next year's SUCS president has now finished. Nominations were received for the roles of secretary and publicity officer during the respective nomination periods, and the candidates for those positions were elected unopposed.
The SUCS executive committee for 2013 will be:

President: Robert James (~rjames93)
To be determined (see below)
Secretary: Lorah Woodward (~shirelings89)
Publicity Officer: Jake Bailey (~melonxhead)

As no candidate for the role of treasurer was nominated by the deadline, nominations for this role will remain open until 5pm on Friday the 7th of January, with an election to follow.
Our current treasurer, Safi (~Zephyr) will continue in post until after that election has been held.

Congratulations to all successful candidates and the best of luck for 2013!

Posted by tswsl1989 on Dec 10, 2012