This is aggie's SUCS page

There's not a lot happening here right now...

...I was a student doing Computer Science in 2001-3 and was on the SUCS Committee in 2003. However I magically disappeared mid-way through the year and also ended up failing and dropping out of Uni. I'll openly admit - that I feel pretty guilty about not doing enough for SUCS during my time on the Committee.

In 2004, I started working at what was Library and Information Services (LIS) at University of Wales Swansea. Since then the department is called Information Services and Systems (ISS) and the University has become Swansea University. My last role at Swansea was as an "E-learning Advisor Technical Infrastructure" Jisc Regional Support Centre for Wales (RSC Wales) which was one of the external projects in Swansea University/ISS. I worked with colleagues at education providers across Wales.

In 2014/2015, I was transfered into Jisc, as part of a restructure. My role is now as a Specialist in Network Technologies and Infrastructure working with customers across the UK.


Being a geek...

I heard about HE.NET IPv6 Certification, so given that I've been running IPv6 via a tunnel with SiXXS for a few years, I decided to take the test. You can too @ HE.NET

IPv6 Certification Badge for jagland