Program Advisory

We are open to help SUCS members with their programming assignments and general computer queries. We will help you find bugs, fix errors, suggest algorithms and functions to use and give you example code. However we will NOT write your assignment for you!

Initially this service is on-line only. If there is enough demand we will consider holding a regular session where questions can be answered in person.

For now, post a message on the Forum, making it clear in the topic which language you are having problems with. Include in your post part/all of the code that you have a problem with, and explanation what the code appears to do, what it's supposed to do and where you think the problem is. If your compiler prints error messages or warnings, pasting these in their entirety is also helpful. The PasteBin is also useful for posting code as it features syntax highlighting.

One of our team of volunteers will then try and answer your question as quickly as possible; however, do not expect instant answers (if you need advice quickly try asking nicely on Milliways).

The following is a list of languages which we are mostly able to provide help with. This is not an exhaustive list as some SUCS members know more languages but your chances of getting help with these are better than more obscure languages:

  • Pascal
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • Prolog
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Haskell
  • LaTeX/BibTeX

Manuals / Documentation

Links to documentation and manual pages.


The following are pieces of example code that demonstrate certain generally useful techniques and function calls.

Please feel free to submit, or request example code for other problems or languages.

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