Milliways is the society's talker system, a kind of chatroom. Many current and former SUCS members hang out here and discuss anything, computer related or not. It's a great place to ask burning questions about the society and its services, or just for general computing advice and opinions from regulars including several experienced IT professionals.

Connecting to Milliways

SUCS members can SSH to and run mw.

Non-members are also welcome (provided they play nice, see Milliways Etiquette), and can SSH to with password bbs.

To learn more about it, and how to use it, see Using Milliways

Whilst we currently recommend using a standalone SSH client to connect, you can also access Milliways through our experimental web-based client.

You can also now see a live list of discussed URLs, users' Status Messages as well as comments with #hashtags

Current Milliways Users

  • he -who and -wha (optio idle)