What are SUCS Talks?

SUCS Talks are a collection of lightning-fast talks (roughly 10 minutes apiece) given by SUCS members for SUCS members. Anyone is welcome to do a talk! People have spoken about topics as wide-ranging as Lego Mindstorms NXT, Music & DRM, and Power Management in Linux. The talks are a great way to meet people, learn things, and share your knowledge.

When are the next ones?

When the Exec Plan plan the next one, contact exec@sucs.org if one hasn't happened for a while.

Can I take part?

You certainly can! If you want to do a talk at a future SUCS Talks event, e-mail us at exec [at] sucs [dot] org. 

How can I watch the videos?

Each talk is available below as both a streaming flash video (you just need flash installed in your web browser and then click play on any of the videos below) or as a high resolution Ogg Theora (for the first set of talks) or H.264 .mov file (for the later talks). There are many free players available for Ogg Theoras, one of the best being VLC - get it here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Archive of Previous Talks

#16 - 2014-03-20:

#15 - 2013-10-17:

Coming soon.

#14 - 2013-02-21: Deploy the LART

Coming soon... maybe

#13 - 2012-10-18: Episode XIII: They're Probably Going to Milk it This Far

#11 - 2012-02-16: Quantum Recordings (They exist unless you try and watch them)

#11 - 2011-11-01: Streamed to the lucky few

#10 - 2011-02-24: Your guess is as good as mine

#9 - 2010-10-14: …or these

#8 - 2010-02-25: No idea about these...

#7 - 2009-11-12: Who knows what happened?

#6 - 2009-03-12: A mystery

#5 - 2008-10-16: Episode V: The Talks Strike Back

More talks on the way soon This is clearly a lie...

#4 - 2008-02-27: Episode IV: A New Hope (of Talks)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... we thought frosty might have uploaded all of these talks by now.

#3 - 2007-11-07: Episode III: Revenge of the Talks

#2 - 2007-05-15: Talks the Second

Apologies for the poor sound quality in some of these talks.

#1 - 2007-03-20: The First Talks

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