Logging in remotely

You either open a remote desktop (Desktop on Demand) or open a remote terminal using Secure SHell (SSH).


PuTTY is a common windows SSH client for windows which is freely downloadable from the internet. There is a walk through for using PuTTY here

Mac OS X or Linux

To connect to the SUCS system from Mac OS X or Linux, open a terminal and type

ssh username@sucs.org

You will be prompted to enter you password, as long as you get you password right within two attempts you will see a screen with current system news at the top and the prompt at the base:

neptunium:~$ ssh rollercow@sucs.org
Last login: Sun Sep 19 18:20:20 2004 from neptunium.sucs.org
----------------------------- MESSAGE OF THE DAY ------------------------------

Systems Upgrade - Tuesday May 11th, 18:15
Gateway and Silver have been swapped onto a UPS, so power cuts should
no longer be a problem. Gateway has been changed to a new, faster
machine (yet again) and Silver's CPU has been vastly upgraded.
The Room has also been rearranged to allow much more room for GuestNET

University Network Disruption - Sat Sept 5th, 15:30 - Mon 7th 07:30
The university appears to be dropping traffic consequently causing
most of SUCS' services to disappear from the outside Internet.
Incoming mail has continued to be delivered to mail boxes due to it
taking an alternate route on to campus.

----------------------------- [ cat /etc/motd ] -------------------------------
You have mail.

Now you are logged in. For a quick guide to some useful UNIX commands, click here.

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