The Computer Society offers you extra disk space and you can use this from anywhere on the internet via WebDAV. This enables you to see your files on the SUCS network as if you were browsing through folders on your own computer.


[Note: These may be out of date instructions for WebDAV on Windows. An up-to-date, slap-dash pictorial walkthrough can be found here.]

In an Internet Explorer window the following link should just Open a Web Folder, if it does not then try the next suggestion.

In an Explorer window (the one with the file icons), select Open, then enter in the Go to box, tick Open as web folder and hit OK.

You will be asked to accept a digital certificate (used to keep the file transfers between your workstation and the machines encrypted), and then for your login and password. After this you will get an explorer window showing the files on your computer society space.



Open a nautles window, select Open Location from the file menu, and give davs:// as the location, you will be promted for your SUCS username and password.


Anyone that uses KDE feel free to write this bit!

Mac OS X

Grab Finder, In the menu navigate to "Go -> Connect to Server" or just key in Command+K then enter as the server address, you will be promted for your SUCS username and password.

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