Windows to Linux

This guide is intended to help those of you who are familiar with Windows to get cosy with Linux.

Based on my experience, this isn't so easy unless you either have:
  1. A friendly guide to help you (Luckily for you, you're reading one!)
  2. A lot of time, and incredibly long attention span.
  3. Lots of helpful old timers (But only if you have a sensible question that cannot be answered by, for example, a simple Google search!)
And with that, we begin!
If you really want an amazing guide, which is not written in terms of Windows applications, then I suggest you either go here (SUCS help, probably where you just came from) or here (course notes from Andy Gimblett for CS244 (Linux and C programming))
So, onward...

  1. Logging in, and the advantages of Linux Login
  2. Setting up e-mail
  3. Using the Internet
  4. Word processing/Office equivalent applications
  5. Basic functions (file handling)
  6. Printing
  7. Scanning
  8. CD/DVD Burning
  9. Setting up your webspace
This is still in the workings, so if you have any ideas for anything to add I shall do my best to seek out answers; simply email me (
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