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  3.   Important information about
  4.   your services
  6.   Dear customer,
  8.   As per our previous correspondence, use of the sub-domain(s) below has now expired, meaning no mail or hosting services can be associated with them. We have, however, identified a risk to any incoming mail associated to the sub-domain(s) below, between 31st July and 06th August 2020.
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  11.   Security risk and impact
  12.   Since spring 2020, we have made you aware of the process of decommissioning the sub-domain(s) above. Unfortunately, for a short period of time, a manual error arose during the process to stop your sub-domain(s) receiving emails.
  14.   Between 31st July and 06th August 2020, a connection was incorrectly established with a third party server, meaning that this server temporarily logged your now de-activated Demon email address(es) and the email address(es) of anybody who sent email to that address. Please note, no email content was ever delivered to the third party, as the server rejected this content.
  16.   We have undertaken a full investigation and have obtained a signed, legally binding undertaking from the operator of the third party server confirming that no personal data, including email content, was accessed, forwarded, viewed or stored. Additionally, we have confirmed through our technical investigations that the logs were never accessed and have been permanently deleted.
  18.   For the sake of clarity, we want to reassure you there is no question of your account or any other associated services having been compromised.
  19.   How did this happen?
  20.   As a result of human error, an incorrect dummy domain name was used to manage the decommissioning process, and this domain was subsequently registered by a third party.
  21.   What have we done to mitigate the problem?
  22.   Once we had identified the manual error, the dummy domain was changed and records updated. Since this happened, we have begun the process of analysing how the error could have taken place.
  24.   We reported the risk to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and traced the third party who had registered the dummy domain. We have obtained a legally binding undertaking, from the third party, and we are confident that there had been no intention to cause harm or access or receive data, information or content.
  25.   What next?
  26.   We appreciate that communicating this security risk may cause you concern and that it may leave unanswered questions. However, we want to reassure you that we have investigated and taken appropriate action to confirm that your personal data was not accessed.
  28.   As always, we recommend that you remain vigilant and act promptly in the event of any unusual activity on any online platforms or channels that may have been associated with your old email address.
  30.   Please accept our apologies for this error and for the concerns it may have created. If you have any further questions, please get in touch directly by calling us, emailing us at or by raising a ticket in your Online Control Panel <>.
  32.   Kind regards,
  34.   Steve Ewart, Commercial Director
  36.   Terms & Conditions: Standard terms & conditions apply.
  37.   Namesco Limited (Registration No: 3913408) is incorporated in England and Wales with its registered office at Acton House, Perdiswell Park, Worcester, WR3 7GD.
  39.   The recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses. The company accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email.
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