Inspired by the debian emails about the current state of the next release I thought i'd try something similar for SUCS just to try and drive up some sort of interest.

So lets begin.

Our goal: have debian jessie up and running on silver via some config management system. Sort of, for those of you that check gitlab, you'll see that the ticket/issue to upgrade to jessie has been closed and replaced by a ticket to upgrade to stretch. I feel that with the pace we (I) am making progress on this, stretch will be the stable version of debian, so lets target that.

So what's been done so far?

* LDAP server (including a playbook to import the old data and enable ssl)
* milliways
* UPS (shut down on power out etc...)

What's still a work in progress?

* DNS Server. I've written an ansible var file that'll use the ansible role I've written and is on my personal github, the var file is not complete yet.
* Email server. I've started writing the role, a lot of work still needs happening.
* Letsencrypt, the current role assumes some preexisting apache config that needs to exist in the first place

Major changes (so far):

* LDAP move from bdb to mdb backend
* Use apcupsd instead of NUT/upsmon

How can YOU help? (just off the top of my head)

* ldap client role, all well and good setting up ldap server but a role that we could use on silver and all the desktop to enable ldap auth would be nice.
* motion (cam), motion has completely changed it's config style, so a whole new config file will be needed
* squid (proxy), a role to configure squid, maybe look into doing https logging (peak at stage1&2 then splice at stage3)
* anything else you can think of

All the code/progress is at


Posted by imranh on Apr 15, 2017