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30 Mar 2009
17:05:50 Thryduulf is listening to the only single by a Greek artist to get to #1 on the US chart
09:10:44 Arthur is sat outside the office waiting for someone with a key to turn up
28 Mar 2009
08:42:08 Dez is off to the AirportWatch conference
00:47:23 Hazelesque is contemplating carrying pepper spray and a personal attack alarm in future
27 Mar 2009
19:03:40 Thryduulf is checking whether reloading mw will let art's thingymajig capture his status
13:28:29 Dez is going to The Windmill in East Hanningfield for lunch
01:33:39 pwb is not regularly setting doing messages.
26 Mar 2009
10:49:38 Arthur munches a Divine double chocolate muffin
22 Mar 2009
10:11:54 Thryduulf is in (or en route to or from) London
20 Mar 2009
15:07:26 flagg is ascending.
19 Mar 2009
23:49:17 flagg is asleep
18 Mar 2009
18:30:05 Thryduulf took 162 photos of Mumbles, Oystermouth and the walk back from there to campus
18:07:43 Thryduulf is thinking tsw's status may be out of date
11:52:53 Thryduulf is off to Mumbles
17 Mar 2009
22:52:13 flagg is unimpressed with facebook.
22:48:30 makomk is making a note to be very careful what he says in his status messages...
21:12:00 SR says <img src="">
21:10:30 Thryduulf is subjecting the SUCS room to his music
20:41:11 Arthur is recording his status for posterity