02 Nov 2015
14:10:26 flagg rj> hot tip for porting to windows. Don't include windows.h *ANYWHERE* you don't need it. It does genius things like using #defines of common words and variable names.
22 Aug 2014
11:02:02 flagg rj> At least you aren't using windows. Windows.h is full of #defines that make it dangerous to use common words as class or function names.
29 May 2014
12:07:53 Arthur you can #include a .h with a bunch of #defines in it at the top of the file, its just putting it inside a function thats rather ugly and wrong
14 Jan 2014
17:28:15 anrchist I would of #defines pi rather than just whacking the number in :)
28 Nov 2013
17:05:30 flagg rjames93> There are some fucked up #defines in the windows header files.
13 Jun 2013
15:49:11 flagg pk> I used to occasionally come across people who tried writing pascal in C and had a header full of #defines to help them
03 Dec 2012
14:00:15 welshbyte art: so i figured out you can't do a MKFOURCC with string literals, best thing to do is add #defines for all of the message types in one place with MKFOURCC so you only need to ever search for the macro name
22 Oct 2011
21:33:34 edmund impliments this language with some #defines into brainfuck
19 Apr 2011
15:08:07 edmund Wait, argh. #defines only touch whole word matches. #define bar won't touch foo_bar
13:28:26 edmund Well then, does it matter if #defines are not at the very top of the code? Or does it only apply to code below the #define?
13:19:25 edmund FF: So a file full of #defines and no code not pointless?
12:36:08 edmund Aw, I was hoping to use it so mark some #defines as locations and some as plain constants
30 Jan 2011
19:54:27 edmund Can I make #defines functions of other #defines? (like #define TEN 10; #define FIVE TEN/2)
27 Jan 2011
17:23:25 TheRaven And various other #defines to turn Pascal keywords into C ones.
11 Dec 2010
20:45:51 edmund Well, swapping those #defines in vim was a pain.
19 Feb 2010
14:06:59 flagg pd> the fact that it #defines common words is the worst bit I think.
12 Feb 2010
11:02:38 sits why do I feel so bad sprinkling #defines and #ifdefs in this code?
11 Dec 2009
20:50:18 psycodom I like the fact they've at least tried to make that readable with #defines
30 Oct 2009
14:21:46 FireFury art: the problem I had with VS was when a Windows person had written code and I had been tasked with making it work on Linux and Solaris, which involved setting up all the reproducible build gubbins. He had done it all in visual studio with its project stuff and there was therefore all sorts of random cruft included in the project that wasn't needed, and all sorts of #defines and such which were hidden all over the project files instead of being in a header or a single "CFLAGS" variable in a make file. Sorting out the mess was an absolute nightmare.
21 Oct 2009
15:08:18 FireFury flagg: the parameters being passed as "CODE" are numeric #defines
07 Oct 2009
10:01:35 psycodom flagg> hence the number of #defines in the average emulator ;)
01 Oct 2009
20:01:09 flagg to stop #defines in windows.h hosing things is just nasty.
21 Jun 2009
22:09:11 FireFury wb: inline functions are very similar to #defines