14 Jan 2012
16:41:04 rjames93 #hashtags
18 Nov 2011
16:43:41 zephyr ooh, that means tr can be annoyed at the #hashtags
11 Nov 2011
17:19:12 TheRaven #hashtags #areafuckingstupididea
12 Apr 2010
09:08:32 pklong notices the #hashtags things and wonders if he adds a url.com too the whole thing will implode.net
22 Dec 2009
15:38:27 Thryduulf if you could highlight a conversation as being about something and then being able to view theconversation again would be more use than just noting we talked about #hashtags
14 Sep 2009
21:27:13 Dez boggles that mw now supports #hashtags
13 Apr 2009
12:06:39 Thryduulf it seems that internal anchors in urls don't get counted as #hashtags