26 Apr 2012
21:34:05 rjames93 I'd assume that I shouldn't put #includes into a header file.
17 Dec 2011
00:02:38 edmund wb: "checked out"? it's highlighting the #includes and string constants
19 Apr 2011
13:18:14 FireFury i.e. the preprocessor blindly copies and pastes any #includes first, and the result is treated as a single .c file
13:16:42 edmund Does a #define apply only within the file its in, or does it get applied to any and all code that #includes that file?
19 Mar 2011
15:30:23 edmund I've got two hello world programs, one normal one and that #includes <stdio.h> twice.
11 Dec 2010
13:58:06 edmund Right under the #includes
09 Jan 2010
18:32:15 welshbyte indeed, i was pestering cfe-dev about detecting unnecessary #includes recently
16 Dec 2009
08:34:57 welshbyte mm, well if we can do that and there's still a need for proto.h then it can just contain a bunch of #includes