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02 Aug 2019
16:20:00 eclipse
Neil Smith on Twitter: "From G0FDZ: The first QSO at 288 GHz took place today from Higham in Kent between Roger G8CUB/P and Chris G0FDZ/P over a distance of 175 Metres. CW signals were 559/599 and stability was excellent. The two way QSO took place at 11:42z with both stations located in JO01FK60 #hamr"
15:42:47 flagg ... ducts-made-by-traitors-20190730187812
The Brexiter’s guide to products made by traitors
15:40:45 imranh
Data Protection Act 2018
15:01:32 FireFury
Sam Coates Sky on Twitter: "EXC: On Sky News now: we’ve obtained a “sensitive” internal Whitehall slide which makes sober reading about the first month of a no deal brexit. It warns of 
- “consumer panic”
- “law and order challenges” in NI
- security gaps
- Brits abroad return

Produced before BJ became PM…"
14:40:01 FireFury
Noel Sharkey on Twitter: "Update on my tweet on the bar face recognition. I’ve been sent a statement from the bar in question by @Barworkstweets It turns out the company DataSparQ were being economical with the truth. This makes them even less trustable

I withdraw my boycott…"
14:34:21 flagg ... y-think-about-it-more-optimistically/
Boris tells Whaley Bridge residents that the dam won’t collapse if they think about it more optimistically
14:32:29 flagg ... voters-caring-about-the-wrong-things/
Labour blames Brecon and Radnorshire result on voters caring about the wrong things
11:22:44 flagg
Making Piranha Solution - YouTube
09:49:12 welshbyte
British Transport Police on Twitter: "We've been called to #Monument / #Bank station following report of a fight, during which the fire alarm was set off.

There are no reports of weapons involved and no arrests at this stage, enquiries continue.

Thanks for your patience whilst we responded, station reopening.…"
09:36:30 FireFury
Amazon Ring: Police tie-up criticised by anti-surveillance campaigners - BBC News
09:32:20 FireFury
Homophobic night bus attack: Four teens charged - BBC News