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05 Oct 2009
08:12:52 charmz hair looks orange today :\
08:02:50 charmz annoyed by her stupid f**king printer
08:00:32 charmz still loves the original Harry Potter
07:56:06 charmz doesnt want to go to the opticians this morning cos they scae her
00:07:24 charmz is rather bored and tired
04 Oct 2009
16:13:36 charmz has currently just dyed her hair red
10:04:46 charmz that fucking alarm, will someone please fucking turn it off
10:03:49 charmz whats to break that fucking alarm
09:45:48 charmz is watching bones
09:37:24 charmz is going to blame steves house for her being diseased
03 Oct 2009
19:25:18 charmz wishes he knew
19:19:50 charmz is wondering when do friendships become so complicated?
19:14:20 charmz is so not having dirty thoughts from FireFury's previous statement
18:52:47 charmz cant believe that SHE is going out in adress
18:52:31 charmz cant believe he is actually going out in a dress
18:45:56 charmz is gonna get dressed :\
18:33:09 charmz is doing her hair. oh the chores to be girly for the night
17:38:20 charmz cannot believe she is wearing what she is wearing for the ball
17:23:01 charmz sumtimes wishes she didnt have to deal with all of this
15:54:19 charmz is slowly beginning to understand this thing
14:08:05 charmz thinking how much of a geek she is slowly becoming