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Photos - SUCS Beach Party™ 2007 [slightly delayed]

Monday the 26th of November, 2007

Pictures of the 2007 SUCS Beach Party are finally up. Sorry for the delay in actually getting these off my old cam and onto the big scary interweb(the page subtitle was never more true :)).

Photos - Party 31st of March 2007

Tuesday the 3rd of April, 2007

Pictures of the party to congratulate Jo on her thesis result and wave a fond farewell to JasonB are now up.


Thursday the 12th of October, 2006

My site broke as a result of upgrades to the SUCS systems so I've patched up the code and at the same time created a new look for the site. Do feel free to look around and enjoy yourselves. :)

I do apologise to those of you who don't like the black and red thing but it's not about to change any time soon so get used to it.

Photos - SUCS Beach Party 2006

Monday the 12th of June, 2006

My photos of the 2006 SUCS beach party are now hiding in my photo albums section. Captions may well follow (or possibly not).

Older News

Thursday the 12th of October, 2006

Older news has now been nuked (well it's not as it you really wanted to read it anyway :)).