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Photos taken by PsycoDom with the "Camera of Doom"
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At long last my new photo albums are online for you all to view.

The older albums are also still up and therefore the number of albums has grown to such an extent that I felt it was about time to put them into their own sections.

Enjoy. :)

SUCS Parties

Photos taken at various SUCS parties. Includes all the SUCS Beach Party Photos and SUCS Halloween Party Photos that PsycoDom has taken.

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Random Parties and Gatherings

Photographs taken by PsycoDom at parties, gatherings and other social events that were not SUCS parties (although they frequently contain many SUCS members).

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Swansea Photos

Various pictures of Swansea and surrounding areas.

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Jo's Dodgy Bathroom Photoset

These pics weren't taken by PsycoDom but were taken with the Camera of Doom by Jo in a bathroom. Although taken at a SUCS party their questionable nature means they deserve their own listing.

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